Reports & Records Requests

Non-Accident Report Request

For Police Offense Reports (also called OF reports), download and submit the Non-Accident Report Request in person at the Kennebunk Police Station or by mail. The status of your request will be available within five business days.

Accident Report Request

Traffic crash reports (also called AC reports) are available no earlier than five business days after the date of the accident. Traffic crash reports are available through a crash report website, where you can obtain a copy of the report for a fee.

Arrest Reports

No Arrest Reports (also called AR reports) are available by a downloaded form request. Reports from open and in-progress arrest cases are not available. However, if you are the arrestee, you will receive your report in court on your arraignment day. If you would like closed criminal case data, contact the Kennebunk Police Department Court Records Division at 985-2102, ext. 1365, or call the State Bureau of Identification Records Division at (207) 624-7240.

Criminal Record Requests

The Maine State Police provide a Criminal History Record Request website where you can submit a request online for Criminal History Background Checks. This records search will provide you with conviction and adjudication information for adult and juvenile crimes committed within the State of Maine.