Affordable Housing Committee

The Affordable Housing Committee serves to further the goals and policies of the housing component of the Town's Comprehensive Plan. This committee establishes housing priorities for the community, determines if there are specific gaps in the availability of affordable, decent housing and develops priorities for alleviating those gaps.

The committee acts  as a local housing alliance in the review of any development proposal requiring the approval of the Maine State Housing Authority and also acts as a resource for the Planning Board in its consideration of housing affordability.
The Affordable Housing Committee meets on an as needed basis. All meetings are posted in Town Hall and on the Meeting Calendar.

Committee Members

Title Term Expires
Jennifer Gordon
Chair 2017
Brian Hutchins
Member 2018
Elva Kindler
Member 2017
Vacant Member 2019
Vacant Member 2019
Alternate Member 2017
Alternate Member 2017

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