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In early November 2013, the Town of Kennebunk received the updated Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) and Flood Insurance Study (FIS) report from FEMA. The purpose of these studies was to provide communities with updated flood hazard information that can be used for planning and mitigation in our community. Below you will find a link to the two FIRM indices for York County, with the Kennebunk specific panels highlighted in yellow. In addition, a copy of the letter from FEMA is provided which explains in detail the purpose and scope of the project.


Letter from FEMA to the Town of Kennebunk

    FIRM Index 23031CIND1A
    FIRM Index 23031CIND 2A

Note: The links located on the two Index maps can be clicked to bring you to the specific panel you wish to view. Please be patient when opening these files as they are very large. You must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer.