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Planning Survey

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The Kennebunk Board of Selectmen and Town Manager are developing a strategic planning process to guide their future activities. At the same time, the Board has tasked the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance Update Committee with updating the Town’s existing Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance as required by state law.

A special survey for residents (year-round and seasonal) and business property owners has occurred. The survey involved: 
   1. Strategic planning questions for the Board of Selectmen and Town Manager.
   2. Comprehensive planning and land use questions for the Update Committee.
   3. Demographic information about you to help us better understand trends in the community.

View Survey Results....

The purpose of Kennebunk’s Comprehensive Plan is to establish the vision of the community based on the
public’s perceptions of what the character of the Town is and should be as we move forward over the next decade and beyond. The Plan provides guidance to public and private decision makers regarding development of the Town; sets goals, policies and strategies for managing public infrastructure, municipal services, and residential and commercial growth; and provides a framework for the development and updating of the Town’s zoning and other land use ordinances, as well as a legal basis for the ordinances. 

View the Comprehensive Planning and Zoning Ordinance Update Committee's page, where you will find information about the committee, the purpose of the project, project timeline, and Town codes and ordinances.