Skatepark Improvement Project Design Concepts

In late fall/early winter of 2019, through connections made with skaters, bikers, scooter users, other municipalities and those in the recreation and skating community, the Town consulted Pillar Design Studios, a nationally-known action-sports design/build firm. Pillar Design Studios is recognized for creating facilities that offer distinctive site-specific designs, that are sensitive to both the client's wants and user's needs, creating aesthetically pleasing parks that all community members can enjoy. 

Pillar created three concept designs (see below) for improvements to the skatepark in its current location and was set to meet with the public in March of 2020 to solicit feedback on those designs. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic that meeting was cancelled and discussions have largely been on hold. 

At this time, in June of 2020, the Town is ready to continue these discussions and solicit feedback from the public to further develop the concept plan for the skatepark and gain consensus to schedule the improvements in the coming months. 


Anyone wishing to provide comments and feedback may do so via email, via Instagram or by contacting the Community Development Department.

Concept A (PDF)

Kennebunk Skatepark Concept A

Concept B (PDF)

Kennebunk Skatepark Concept B

Concept C (PDF)

Kennebunk Skatepark Concept C

Concept A Flythrough Video

Concept A Flythrough

Concept B Flythrough Video

Concept B Flythrough

Concept C Flythrough Video

Concept C Flythrough