Facilities Study & Masterplan Project

The Town of Kennebunk recognized the need to conduct a Facilities Assessment and Masterplan during the course of evaluating the need for improvements to the Public Services facility, located at 36 Sea Road. 

This project was intended to provide town leaders and policy makers with a clearer understanding of the current state of certain facilities as well as future needs, and provide information and data which would allow for prioritization and planning. In January 2020 a proposal to conduct a Facilities Assessment & Masterplan was included as a project during the budget process

On September 21, 2020, the Town of Kennebunk issued a Request for Qualifications (PDF) for a Facilities Assessment and Masterplan project for Town owned facilities as well as the Kennebunk Free Library, which receives a significant amount of funding through Kennebunk's municipal budget. Bids were accpeted until 2:30PM, October 7, 2020. 

A 5 member interview Selection Committee was created consisting of Town Staff and two members of the public. Seven submittals were received in response to the RFQ, which utilized a qualifications based approach to reviewing and selecting candidates. The committee conducted virtual interviews with all seven of the teams that submitted qualifications packages on October 21 and 22, 2020. It was the unanimous recommendation of the Selection Committee to select Lavallee Brensinger Architects to conduct the Facilities Study and Masterplan. 

On November 10, 2020, the Kennebunk Select Board unanimously voted to award the bid for Architectural/Engineering Services for the Facilities Assessment & Masterplan to Lavallee Brensinger Architects of Manchester, NH in the amount of $94,160.00. 

The scope of services for the project included the following steps in the process: 

  • Study kick-off meeting with all key stakeholders
  • Visit each site to document existing conditions with team of architects and engineers 
  • Prepare an Existing Conditions Report for each facility, including a prioritized list of recommended repairs, deferred maintenance, and code/life safety items with associated conceptual level budgets 
  • Prepare Space Program/Space Needs with a 2035 projection utilizing space needs forms and meetings with key stake holders for each facility 
  • Prepare a high-level Operational Analysis for the Police and Fire Department facilities 
  • Prepare a conceptual level site, building diagrams and block plans incorporating the needs identified in the Space Programming Phase 
  • Prepare 3D massing diagrams for proposed new buildings and additions – Public Safety Building and West K Fire Sub-station 
  • Prepare a conceptual level Basis of Design for the Public Safety Building, Town Hall/Recreation Department, and West K Fire Substation 
  • Prepare a conceptual level Construction Cost Budget for the Public Safety Building, Town Hall/Recreation Department, and West K Fire Substation 
  • Provide a compiled final report incorporating the items noted above 
  • Present the final report to the Town Select Board and key stake holders 
  1. Community Development

    Physical Address
    Kennebunk Town Hall, Second Floor
    1 Summer St.
    Kennebunk, ME 04043

    Phone (207) 985-2102 ext. 1303
    Fax (207) 985-4609

  2. Christopher J. Osterrieder, P.E.

    Director of Community Development, Town Engineer
    Phone: (207) 985-2102 ext. 1337

Phase I

Phase I of the Facilities Assessment and Masterplan was an assessment of the existing conditions of Town facilities. Lavallee Brensinger and its team of consultants reviewed existing plans, completed site visits and interviewed staff to report on civil, sructural, architectural, mechanical and electrical components of each facitliy. Near, mid and long term priorities, as well as conceptual level budgets for priorities was developed and included in each report. This information was received and reviewed as part of the FY21-22 budget process, and will be consulted as part of the creation of the Select Board Strategic Plan and the Town's Comprehensive Plan.

Phase II

Phase II of the Facilities Assessment and Masterplan included the preparation of space programming and space needs for each facility projected through 2035. Key staff for each facility completed in-depth review of current space and staffing levels as well as visioned future space and staffing needs given departmental and town needs and goals. 

The architectural team made site visits, interviewed staff and reviewed the surveys returned by staff to then complete conceptual level site and building diagrams and block plans, 3D massing diagrams for proposed new buildings and additions, conceptual level Basis of Design and construction cost budgets.