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View the livestream below:

Kennebunk’s Government Access Cable TV channel has migrated from Town Hall Streams to a new all-in-one platform called 
Cacablecastblecast! You can now view our online live streams, watch past meetings and programming, and see what's new through the Cablecast app.

Televised meetings are broadcast on Spectrum TV Channel 5 and 1302, streamed live via Cablecast and archived for viewing anytime. All meetings are open to the public. Agendas, minutes, and archived videos for committee meetings are posted on our website, or you can sign up to be notified when those items are posted!  

 Town Hall streams is still active for streaming as we complete the process of upgrading our broadcast and streaming system to CABLECAST. 

Don't have Spectrum cable? DOWNLOAD THE CABLECAST APP NOW! View the installation instructions below for your device.

  2. ROKU
  1. Navigate to the "App Store" on your Apple TV main menu
  2. Select "Search" on the top navigation bar
  3. Search for "Cablecast"
  4. Select "Install" on the app store page.
  5. Once its added, Navigate to your Home Screen to launch the application.
  6. On first launch, select the station Town of Kennebunk.

Next launch of the application will automatically go into the last station you were watching. To change, select "Select Channel" in the top navigation bar.