Death Certificates

Where are death certificates filed? In the State of Maine, death certificates are filed in the Town Clerk's Office where the death happened and duplicate copies are filed with the State of Maine's Office of Data, Research and Vital Statistics. 

Example: A family member's life-long residence was Saco but they lived in a Nursing Home in Kennebunk. The records will be at the Town Clerk's Office in Kennebunk and a duplicate copy will be filed with the Office of Data, Research and Vital Statistics. 

How do I obtain a death certificate? We maintain the original records but do not keep Certified Copies of your records prepared in advance. To request a certified copy of a death certificate, you must be able to show a direct and legitimate interest. You would then simply fill out the request form (PDF) and either mail it in with the necessary documents and payment or bring it to our office to process.