Town Ordinances, Charter, Policies

General Assistance Ordinance
The Municipality of Kennebunk administers a program of General Assistance (GA) available to all persons who are eligible to receive assistance in accordance with the standards of eligibility as provided within the General Assistance Ordinance (PDF)

Town Charter
The Town Charter (PDF) is an official document granting, guaranteeing, or defining the local regulations of the Town of Kennebunk.

Town Ordinances

Non-zoning Town Ordinances (PDF), which include ordinances relating to licensing, parking, public safety and health, roadways, rivers, traffic (and more) can be found here.

The Zoning Ordinance of the Town of Kennebunk is designed for all the purposes of zoning, as embraced in the Maine Revised Statutes. 

In addition, the Open Space Plan (PDF) and Comprehensive Plan outlines a vision for the future of the Town and provides guidance to public and private decision-makers regarding the development of the Town.

Town Policies
View various Policies of the Town.