Fuel Programs

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a federally funded program is designed to assist low income households. The amount of assistance is based on household size, income and energy costs. Applications are submitted from August through April at various locations in York County. To schedule an appointment, contact York County Community Action at (207) 324-5762.

Kennebunk Emergency Heating Assistance Fund

This fund provides assistance to families who are ineligible for municipal General Assistance. The Town may authorize one delivery of 100 gallons of heating fuel (electricity, firewood, wood pellets, #2 home heating oil, Kerosene and propane, etc.) during the heating season. An emergency request is considered at the discretion of the Administrator. To request fuel assistance, contact the General Assistance office. 

Consumer Home Heating Rights

The Attorney General has issued rules that regulate the sale of home heating oil during the winter months from October 15 through April 30. One of the basic consumer rights detailed in these rules is that an oil dealer cannot refuse to deliver to a consumer even if the consumer owes the dealer money, providing these three conditions are met:
1) The consumer has cash or government guaranteed payment to pay for the oil being requested
2) The dealer regularly serves the consumer's area and
3) The consumer requests at least 20 gallons. 

Emergency Crisis Intervention Program (ECIP)

The Emergency Crisis Intervention Program provides emergency financial assistance for home heating or utility disconnects if the household's heating system requires electricity to function. Consumers must have a pre-approved current LIHEAP application, have less than 1/8 tank of fuel with no available back up source of heat and have exhausted all payment opportunities with the electric company. For more information please contact York County Community Action's Energy Services at (207) 324-5762.  

Central Heating Improvement Fund (CHIP)

Maine Housing Authority's Central Heating Improvement Program provides grants to repair or replace central heating systems that serve low-income households. CHIP funds may be used only to repair or replace dangerous, malfunctioning or inoperable heating systems that pose a threat to health and safety. The maximum grant for a heating system repair or replacement is $5,000 for owner-occupied homes. Limited CHIP benefits of up to $400 may be available for rental properties occupied by LIHEAP eligible tenants. Please call (207) 626-4600 for more information.

Efficiency Maine

Efficiency Maine offers PACE loans which allows a property owner to finance the cost of making a qualified whole house energy upgrade with eligible energy savings improvements to the property. FMI, please call (866) 376-2463.

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