Comprehensive Plan 

Kennebunk's Comprehensive Plan outlines a vision for the future of the Town. It is the framework for zoning and ordinances and provides guidance to public and private decision-makers regarding the development of the Town.

The Comprehensive Plan Committee has just completed a first draft of an updated Comprehensive Plan. Each of the 12 draft chapters is linked below and contains an inventory of where the Town is now, as well as a list of recommendations and action steps to guide the Town into the future. Soliciting public input and feedback is a vital and necessary next step. We welcome any comments or feedback to staff and committee members via email

Note: The chapters presented below are in draft format. They do not include all maps and photos and have not been formatted. Most importantly they will not be considered final until public comments are received and incorporated, and then the final document is voted on and approved. 

  1. John Stoll

    Town Planner
    Phone: (207) 985-2102 ext. 1312

  2. Christopher J. Osterrieder, P.E.

    Director of Community Development, Town Engineer
    Phone: (207) 985-2102 ext. 1337

Give Feedback

  1. We want to hear from you! 
    Email your comments about one or more of the draft chapters.