Comprehensive Plan - Current

Kennebunk's Comprehensive Plan is a policy document which outlines a vision for the future of the Town. The purpose of the Comprehensive Plan is to provide guidance to public and private decision-makers regarding the development of the Town. In addition, the plan provides a framework for the development and updating of the Town's zoning and other land use ordinances.

The Town is currently in the process of revising the Comprehensive Plan through a Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance Update Committee. These meetings are posted to our website calendar and are open to the public. 

Cover, Overview, Table of Contents
Section 1: Public Input
Section 2: Introduction
Section2.A: Population.pdf
Section 2.B: Housing
Section 2.C: Local Economy
Section 2.D: Natural Resources
Section 2.D. Figure 6
Section 2.E: Public Utilities
Section 2.F: Traffic & Transportation
Section 2.F.Figure 02
Section 2.F.Figure 04
Section 2.F.Figure 09
Section 2.F.Figure 10
Section 2.G: Municipal Facilities
Section 2.H: Historic, Archaeological and Cultural Resources
Section 2.I: Marine Resources
Section 2.J: Open Space Resources
Section 2.K: Land Use Patterns
Section 2.L: Fiscal Resources
Section 3: Intro
Section 3: Goals, Policies and Strategies
Section 3.A: Population Growth
Section 3.B: Housing
Section 3.C: Local Economy
Section 3.D: Natural Resources
Section 3.E: Public Utilities
Section 3.F: Traffic & Transportation
Section 3.G: Municipal Facilities and Services
Section 3.H: Historic, Archaeological & Cultural Resources
Section 3.I: Marine Resources
Section 3.J: Open Space
Section 3.K: Land Use Patterns
Section 4: Land Use Plan Update and Figure 4-1
Section 5: Implementation Plan
Section 6: Capital Investment Strategy
March 2008 Portland Road Traffic Management Update Study Addendum in separate document