Election and Town Meeting Information

Our Next Election: State Primary, Municipal Referendum & School Budget

 July 14, 2020 
Time: 6:00AM - 8:00PM
Where: Town Hall Auditorium; 1 Summer Street, Kennebunk

Voter Guide
Our voter guide is ready! It is available online (PDF) or in print at our office. 

Party Affiliation
  • Your party affiliation (Democrat, Republican, Green Independent or Unenrolled) is important for this Election.
  • There are several ballots you will receive regardless of your party affiliation, however you have to be enrolled as a Democrat or Republican in order to receive a State Party Candidate Ballot for either party. 
  • If you are Unenrolled (some refer to this as Independent) you can enroll in a Party anytime. If you are already enrolled as a Democrat, Republic or Green Independent, the last day to switch parties is Monday June 29, 2020.
Vote Early Banner

Absentee Ballots
We are highly recommending absentee/early voting for this Election given the circumstances of COVID-19/Coronavirus. You can simply submit the online request form for your ballots to be mailed to you. The benefits of voting in this manner include:
  • Minimize COVID-19 Exposure
  • Easy - Safe - Secure
  • No lines - No waiting - No parking hassle
  • Vote from the comfort of your home
  • Take your time to educate yourself prior to voting
What Ballots will I receive? 
Due to the cancellation of Elections, this July Election will have ballots at the State, Local and RSU Level available for you to vote on. The following Ballots will be in your packet:
  1. State Primary Candidate Ballot (If you are registered as a Democrat or Republican, you will receive that corresponding Candidate Party Ballot. If you are Unenrolled (some confuse this term with Independent) then you will not receive a Candidate Ballot at all.)
  2. State Referendum Ballot
  3. Local Candidate Ballot
  4. Local Annual Town Meeting Referendum Ballot
  5. Local Special Referendum Ballot
  6. RSU 21 School Budget Validation Ballot
Additional Information 
Learn more about the State Primary Candidates and Referendum Ballots by viewing the State of Maine's website

If you already voted via absentee ballot for the Local Special Referendum, your vote will still count in the July election. To receive the additional ballots that will also be available for the July election, you will have to submit another absentee ballot request so we can mail those to you.