The Waterhouse Center

Waterhouse Center
The Waterhouse Center is a beautiful, open-sided 100’ x 120’ pavilion located at 51 Main Street, in the heart of Downtown Kennebunk. This youth and family pavilion hosts events and festivals all four seasons including ice skating in the winter.
Available to the community at large, the Waterhouse Center serves as a host for tourism, festivals, events, and other activities, all the while supporting local businesses. The Center serves as a hub for the downtown, building on the strengths of this vibrant community.
In 2014, Kennebunk resident Geraldine Waterhouse and her granddaughter Paige Hill donated $1.5 million to the Waterhouse Youth Endowment Fund to benefit youth opportunities in downtown Kennebunk. The endowment program provides annual operating support to the facility for a number of year-round activities. The combination of this central location and ongoing program support will ensure that its mission “to support the betterment of children” is fulfilled.

Paige and Mrs Waterhouse