Bicentennial Committee

Kennebunk will recognize its Bicentennial on June 24, 2020 and is currently planning for activities to commemorate this occasion. We are interested in your ideas concerning a Bicentennial celebration. Please attend the meetings of this committee or contact the Town Clerk's office to volunteer at the upcoming celebration and share your ideas!

Please view the tabs on the left to see the projects the Committee is working on.

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Committee Members

Title Term Expires
Kathy Ostrander Roberts Chair 2020
Betsy MacDonald Vice Chair 2020
Stephen Spofford Treasurer 2020
J. Steve Hrehovcik Member 2022
Angus Macauley Member 2021
Lori Parkinson Member 2021
Edward Trainer Member 2022
Conrad Berdeen Alternate Member, Non-Resident 2020
Dana Pearson Alternate Member 2020
Merton Brown Town Clerk, Ex-Officio  
Linda Johnson Events Coordinator, Ex-Officio  
Laura Dolce Chamber of Commerce Rep, Ex-Officio  
Cynthia Walker Brick Store Museum Rep, Ex-Officio  
L. Blake Baldwin Selectman Liaison  
Christopher Cluff Selectman Liaison