Bicentennial Committee

It's Maine's 200th Birthday this year!  What's more, it's also the Town of Kennebunk's 200th Birthday - founded just three month's after Maine became a state in 1820.

“It’s our goal as a committee to bring this milestone anniversary celebration to the streets of Kennebunk, for the people of Kennebunk,” said Kathy Ostrander Roberts, chairman of the Town’s Bicentennial Committee. “We plan to celebrate our community pride and recognize our town’s history with all of the many activities we have planned.”

To commemorate this very special occasion, many events are planned for June 2020 and September 2020, as well as June 2021. The celebration was moved from June 27, 2020 to June 26, 2021, to minimize the risk of exposure of COVID-19.
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Committee Members

Title Term Expires
Kathy Ostrander Roberts Chair 2023
Betsy MacDonald Vice Chair 2023
J. Steve Hrehovcik Member 2022
Angus Macauley Member 2021
Lori Parkinson Member 2021
Edward Trainer Member 2022
Dana Pearson Member 2023
Conrad Berdeen Alternate Member, Non-Resident 2021
David Middleton Alternate Member, Non-Resident 2021
Laura Dolce Chamber of Commerce Rep. Ex-Officio
Cynthia Walker Brick Store Museum Rep. Ex-Officio
Merton Brown Town Clerk, Staff Rep. Ex-Officio
Linda Johnson Events Coordinator, Staff Rep. Ex-Officio
L. Blake Baldwin Select Board Liaison