Shellfish Committee

The Shellfish Committee's responsibilities include:
  • Establishing annually, in conjunction with the Department of Marine Resources (DMR), the number of shellfish harvesting licenses to be issued.
  • Reviewing annually the status of the resource using the results of clam flat, harvester or dealer surveys and other sources of information and preparing, in conjunction with and subject to the review of the DMR, a plan for implementing conservation measures.
  • Submitting an annual budget to the Town for the expenditures of funds for the purpose of shellfish conservation.
  • Keeping the Shellfish Conservation Ordinance under review and making recommendations for its amendments.
  • Securing and maintaining records of shellfish harvest from the town's managed shellfish areas and closed areas that are conditionally opened by the DMR.
  • Recommending conservation closures and openings to the Select Board in conjunction with the area biologists of the DMR.
The Shellfish Committee is not active at this time.  If a meeting is called, the committee generally meets on the last Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. on the 3rd floor of Town Hall, on an as needed basis. All meetings are posted in Town Hall and on the Meeting Calendar.

Committee Members

Title Term Expires
Vacant Member 2024
Member  2024
Member 2023
Vacant Member 2023
Alternate Member 2022
Alternate Member 2022

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