Skate Park Ad-hoc Committee

The objective of the committee is to develop an RFP for a skate park. The RFP shall be advertised and the submissions reviewed by the committee, with a recommendation to the Board of Selectmen to procure the services of a design/build skate park company. This company would work with the committee and interested residents to develop a plan for a skate park, including designating an appropriate budget and location for said park. 
The Skate Park Ad-hoc Committee meets on an as needed basis. All meetings are posted in Town Hall and on the Meeting Calendar.

Committee Members

Title Term Expires
Marc Barron Resident Member no terms
Karen Beaudoin Resident Member  
Christine Burgess
Resident Member   
Chris Puffer
Resident Member  
James Trentalange Skate Member
Joseph Peterson Alternate Member  
Will Hallee Skate Member (Youth Rep.)  
Kyle Barrett Parks & Recreation Department Rep.  
Lt. Eric O'Brien
Kennebunk Police Department Rep.
Tasha Pinkham P&R Director, Parks & Recreation Dept. Rep.  
Vacant Skate Member  
Shiloh Schulte
Selectman Liaison  

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