West Kennebunk Village Committee

The West Kennebunk Village Committee is a liaison between the residents and business owners of the West Kennebunk Village of Kennebunk and Town government. The committee will ensure the West Kennebunk Village remains functional as a business area to attract, entertain and service the needs of townspeople, visitors and local merchants while maintaining and enhancing a positive spirit and quality of life for the community.
The West Kennebunk Village Committee meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at the Dorothy Stevens Community Center, 80 Thompson Road, Kennebunk. All meetings are posted in Town Hall and on the Meeting Calendar.

Committee Members

Title Term Expires
Daniel Guay Chair 2025
Johnathan Malloy Vice Chair 2024
Jennelle Martell Member 2026
Beth Nadeau Member 2025
Sarah Snow Member 2024
Carly Traub Member 2026
Barbara Weeman Member 2026
Raymond Ingalls Associate Member  
Bill Reichl P&R Director, Staff Liaison Ex-Officio
Miriam Whitehouse Select Board Liaison  

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