Lower Village Master Plan Project

The Lower Village Master Plan Project is a project involving the Town of Kennebunk and its citizens, in consultation with Harriman and Sebago Technics.

This process, planned to be complete by the end of 2017, will strive to address these issues:

  • Can we improve traffic flow and connectivity? 
  • Create design standards for businesses that preserve the feel of the area?
  • Make the streetscapes safer and more attractive for those living, working and visiting the area? 
  • Find ways to make Lower Village’s personality stand out and shine?

To answer these questions, there will be numerous opportunities for public input, from community-wide meetings to open houses, from workshops to online information, from social media to news articles and more.

These discussions began in early June 2017 and are anticipated to end by the end of the year. The Town will then use the plans developed with public input to seek state monies and other funding sources to make the plan a reality.

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Community wide meetings will be held throughout the Summer of 2017 and will be publicly advertised in local newspapers, in Town Hall and posted to our Meeting Calendar
  1. Christopher J. Osterrieder, P.E.

    Director of Community Development, Town Engineer
    Phone: (207) 985-2102 ext. 1337

Agendas and Minutes

  1. Agendas are posted prior to the meeting and listed on the home page calendar and on the Town Clerk's bulletin board in the lobby of the 2nd floor of Town Hall. Minutes are posted with the corresponding agenda once approved.

Members of the Working Group

Name Title
Laura Dolce Economic Development Committee Rep.
Christopher Osterrieder Director of Community Development
Elizabeth Smith Lower Village Committee Rep.
Nina Spencer Lower Village Committee Rep.
Rick Taranto Lower Village Committee Rep.
Miriam Whitehouse  Lower Village Committee Rep.
Vacant Public Services Rep.

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