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Mar 06

Sharing Instagram post: OUCH

Posted to Mike's Mic on March 6, 2018 at 4:23 PM by Michael Pardue

sea wall and sidewalk damage

OUCH. This photo falls very short at depicting the degree of damage the last several high tides have generated at Kennebunk beaches. Kudos to Public Services and Public Safety personnel for keeping the area clear of debris and therefore as safe as it can be given the loss of portions of the sea wall and adjacent sidewalks. Huge amount of work and expense lies ahead but we are already “on it.” Please be careful if you are taking a peek, as structural integrity assessment of wall, sidewalk and roadway remains a work in progress.

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Sep 21

Coming to you from the seawall at Middle Beach – across from Boothby Road

Posted to Mike's Mic on September 21, 2017 at 10:38 AM by Michael Pardue

Sea Wall at Middle Beach

Coming to you from the seawall at Middle Beach – across from Boothby Road. Easy to find – just look for the yellow caution tape, orange barrels, and attractive signs that basically say “stay out.” Why, you might ask? Well, because the seawall at this location has decided to fail, right when we needed it most. With Jose knocking on the door and Maria suggesting she may send us some rough seas within the next week, this portion of the seawall decides it is retiring from service. Talk about retired on duty!! Well, stand-by (just not at this section of the wall) as engineering is on the case. Area has been cordoned off, seawall experts are on the way and a plan of attack is being devised. Talk about having my back against the wall :-(