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Jun 14

Featured Vendor: Sumi Scarves

Posted to Community Market of the Kennebunks by Karen Winton

Last Saturday brought another beautiful weather day, and another very busy Community Market day. People were enjoying their coffee and talking about all the various purchases they made or planned to make. Lots of positive comments about the quality and the wide variety of the available products. We did have a scare however; someone thought that Mr. and Mrs. CMOK were raffle prizes!

This week’s featured vendor is a new vendor this year and one that has already proven very popular with market-goers.

Sumi Scarves from Kennebunk, Maine

Artisan Jill Roberts utilizes modern, eco-friendly and upcycled materials to bring the beautiful, ancient art of water marbling to the 21st century.

sumi scarves at market blowing hanging

Onlookers crowd around to watch 'artists' of all ages and abilities design their own one-of-a-kind handmade water marbled silk scarf. Each guest applies acrylic paint to the special water bath; floating the colors in her homemade, custom-built water marbling tray; and uses techniques and tools provided to create the design to their liking. It is a true 'WOW' moment when the finished scarf is held up for all to see. 

Sumi Scarves at market making scarf

Stop by and enjoy this unique experience!

This Saturday, June 16th the Market will be a little different. There will be numerous activities relating to the Chamber of Commerce’s summer kick-off maritime festival called LAUNCH! The Waterhouse Center location will have a LAUNCH event plus the Community Market event. The number of our market vendors will be slightly fewer and there will be no raffle that day. (Mr. and Mrs. CMOK will take this opportunity to visit with their grandkids!) However, join us again on Saturday, June 23rd when the Market will be back in full force, complete with the raffle, and Mr. and Mrs. CMOK.

Best regards,

Mr. and Mrs. CMOK

Mr and Mrs CMOK: Community Market Mascots

Jun 09

Ultra-Thin Bonded Wearing Course with Safety Improvements/located on US Route 1 - WIN 023298.00

Posted to In the Know: Featuring Town Projects and Initiatives of Note by Karen Winton

Route One North Paving Project update: The Maine DOT has awarded a contract to All States Asphalt, Inc. of Windham, Maine for the paving project on Portland Road and extending to the Arundel/Biddeford Town Line.

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Mar 06

Sharing Instagram post: OUCH

Posted to Mike's Mic by Michael Pardue

sea wall and sidewalk damage

OUCH. This photo falls very short at depicting the degree of damage the last several high tides have generated at Kennebunk beaches. Kudos to Public Services and Public Safety personnel for keeping the area clear of debris and therefore as safe as it can be given the loss of portions of the sea wall and adjacent sidewalks. Huge amount of work and expense lies ahead but we are already “on it.” Please be careful if you are taking a peek, as structural integrity assessment of wall, sidewalk and roadway remains a work in progress.

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