Engine 3 - 1997 Pierce Saber Pumper. This vehicle has a 1,500 gmp pump and carries 1,000 gallons of water. It also has a 30 gallon foam tank. This truck responds to all fire related emergencies in Lower Village as well as other areas of Town. The truck can carry 6 firefighters and has a full compliment of firefighting equipment.

Brush 3 - 2012 Ford 1-ton chassis with a slide in brush truck body and tank. This truck responds to all brush/woods fires in town. This vehicle is also used for wires down calls and for when the beach is closed due to high surf. In the off-brush-fire season, the vehicle can be used as a pickup truck with the tank and pump removed for the winter. The truck carries a full compliment of forest firefighting equipment, including portable pumps, hose and hand tools.

Jet Ski 3 - A Kawasaki 3-seat Jet Ski with a trailer and rescue board. This unit is used for water rescue. Since it is on a trailer, we have the ability to use it in more waterways than just the ocean. The trailer is hauled with the brush truck for any water related emergency.

Engine 113 - 1935 Ford Antique pumper. This truck is maintained by the Washington Hose Company Association, and is used for public education functions and, unfortunately, funeral details. Presently, the association is raising funds to keep the maintenance "up to par". Any extra money goes to a fund for the truck. The association is working toward a full restoration.