Where can I obtain a burning permit?

Burn permits are issued from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday - Friday and 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM on Saturday and Sunday at Kennebunk Fire Rescue in the front lobby. - No more than fifteen [15] permits shall be issued daily, Monday through Friday. Saturday, Sunday & holidays may be increased by the Duty Chief, weather and staff levels permitting, and as long as they are issued by either a firefighter or the Duty Chief. - Burning will not start until after 5:00 PM and will be finished by 11:00 PM - Rainy days on Class 1 & 2 days will be the only exception to personal back yard burning, Monday - Friday, which can be done during daylight hours, weather permitting. A call back number is necessary in the event the permits have to be called in due to a change in weather and/or class day. - Burning permits for land clearing, construction debris burning and blueberry plains burning are the other exceptions to daytime burning. Contact the Duty Officer at 207-604-1355 for approval for these types of burning. - Seasonal permits for cooking fires are available. Seasonal campfires will require the permit holder to check on the class day before burning. Burning will be permitted on Class 1 or 2-days only. Please call the Duty Officer at ( 207) 604-1355 to obtain one of these permits.  Permits will not be issued on a Class 3, 4, or 5 day. Burning permits are for clean wood products only, and piles are to be kept small.  Burning of highly combustible, domestic, household trash such as paper and cardboard is prohibited by law. These permit policies are recommended standards suggested by the Maine Forest Service. These policies are in place to protect life and property and help the fire department in controlling the possibility of fires getting out of control. If you have any questions concerning these policies, please feel free to call the Fire Chief at (207) 985-2102 ext. 1340 or contact via email

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