Climate Action Plan Task Force

About the Climate Action Plan Task Force

The Towns of Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, Kittery and Biddeford, along with Southern Maine Planning and Development Commission have been awarded funding and work is underway to share resources and experiences in developing community specific Climate Action Plans.  

Kennebunk’s Task Force, consisting of staff and various stakeholders will serve as the lead for the Climate Action Plan process and plan development. Task Force members will work together with the public engagement consultant to involve the community and garner support, provide input on the selection of adaptation and mitigation measures, develop goals for the Town’s Climate Action Plan and serve as a liaison to Kennebunk’s Select Board throughout this process.

View the Climate Action Plan Task Force's update presentation here.

Climate Action Survey

Thank you to all who participated in the Kennebunk Climate Action Plan Survey! The Task Force has compiled the survey results following its outreach initiative this spring. The survey revealed that of the 479 respondents, 74%  are very or extremely concerned that climate change will affect the town in coming decades. The survey, aimed at understanding residents' concerns about climate change and their interests in climate-related topics, will help to inform the Task Force on where to focus their efforts regarding climate change. View a summary of the results below:

Kennebunk Climate Action Survey/Summary
Kennebunk Climate Action Plan Survey Infographic

Climate Action Plan Planning Documents: 
  1. Climate Change Impacts in Southern Maine: A Regional Summary
  2. Kennebunk Vulnerability Assessment - Draft
  3. Green House Gas Emissions Summary for Kennebunk
  4. Municipal Green House Gas Inventory for Kennebunk
This report summarizes the anticipated climate change impacts on southern Maine communities. It is intended to help local communities develop their Climate Action Plans and inform the public about the possible effects of climate change in the region. 

Vision Statement

The Town of Kennebunk is unique in many ways, but it shares with the world the detrimental effects of climate change. Climate change is a global problem, but it is being felt on a local level first and with direct consequences. The Town of Kennebunk has been moved to act in response by developing a Climate Action Plan that will chart a course to navigate this complicated issue. This plan will lay out policies and programs to further reduce the community's greenhouse gas emissions and strengthen the community's ability to adapt and thrive during these challenging times. Kennebunk will do this by bringing community members and partners together, engaging with the public on how they can make a difference, incorporating existing and future community plans, and working with local, state, federal and international organizations toward a common goal. 

This effort will allow the community to budget future funds and access funding through grants to support our climate goals and build our local economy in a sustainable way that improves community health and livability. This plan will be consistent with the State of Maine's priorities and will allow us to do our part to meet state and national emission reduction and resiliency targets. Climate change is happening and will affect us all, but we as a community have the power to come together and minimize the impact in ways that benefit all of us.

Committee Members

Name Title
Maggie Bartenhagen Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Comm. Rep, Chair
Chris Osterrieder Director of Community Development
Bryan Laverriere Director of Public Services
Mark Kerr Conservation Commission Representative
Chris MacClinchy Planning Board Representative
Chris Pasciuto RSU 21 Representative
Alison Malmqvist Community Member
Lily Martin Community Member
Elizabeth Smith Community Member
Joshua Tabor Community Member
Yvette Webster
Community Member
Lisa Pratt Select Board Member