Mission Statement

Updated Mission Statement

To assist Town officials in addressing the challenges presented by climate change. This would include, but is not limited to, supporting the Town in reaching carbon neutrality and mitigating the effects of sea level rise on infrastructure and natural resources.  It will also support efforts that educate and engage residents on how they can reduce their own carbon footprint.  CONSERVE, CHANGE, REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE, AND RETHINK are the Committee’s guiding principles.

This advisory committee would also be responsible to the Select Board to:

  • Advise the Select Board on energy programs, projects, and policies which will reduce the community’s reliance on fossil fuels and reduce the community’s carbon footprint and promote renewable energy;
  • Make recommendations for ordinances, policies, projects and objectives to address actions to make Town properties more energy efficient;
  • Provide community education and outreach and be a community resource to help homeowners and businesses understand sustainability issues and make decisions that can reduce their energy consumption;
  • Research, evaluate and recommend projects that result in energy cost savings, return on investment, and environmental benefit;
  • Promote capital projects that are designed to take into consideration climate change and future environmental challenges in order to minimize destruction from natural disasters and preserve both natural and financial resources; and
  • Support community efforts that promote resilience and economic security of our aging and working community.
The committee has sponsored guest speakers including University of Maine faculty, offered workshops on energy efficiency for homes and businesses, worked with local businesses to distribute free curbside single-stream recycling bins, promoted a town-wide curbside compost collection system, pursued the elimination of throw-away plastic shopping bags, distributed reusable bags for residents and local businesses to use instead and spoken with state legislators about policies to promote energy efficiency and savings on energy bills.