West Kennebunk Station

West Kennebunk Fire Station is located at 80 Thompson Road

The West Kennebunk Fire Station is an on-call Fire Company and is located on the Thompson Road.

The Company is trained to respond to structure fires, forestry fires, water and ice rescue, technical rescue as well as EMS calls. It has an active staff roster of 17 fire company responders, of which ten are cross-trained with fire and EMS certification.

The station is the primary location for all of the Kennebunk Fire Rescue training and is capable of staffing crews during hazardous storms and houses the following apparatus:

  • 1991 Kovach Pumer-Tanker with a 1250 gpm (gallons per minute) pump with a 1250 tank capacity with class A foam capabilities.
  • 2011 Tanker with a 750 gpm pump with a 1800 gallon tank capacity.
  • 1973 Dodge Power Wagon Brush Truck with a 250 gmp pump with a 230 gallon tank capacity.
  • A Paramedic level equipped Ambulance.
  • 10' Inflatable Rescue Boat to be used for water rescue as well as ice rescue.
  • A Mobile Generator to be used at large incidents that may require lighting for an extended period of time

This station is also home base for the York County Hazardous Materials Technician Team. It houses the York County Emergency Management Agencies command vehicle and the technician response truck. The technician team trains and responds from this station.