Winter Operations

The Town of Kennebunk, Public Works Department understands that travel during a winter storm can be difficult and trying for many motorists. The department is responsible for the plowing, sanding and salting of all town roads.


If at any time you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the department at (207) 985-4811. If you have a concern about the condition of a road you are traveling during after hours, please contact the Kennebunk Police Department's non-emergency number at (207) 985-6121, ext. 1200 and the dispatcher will contact the department for you.

Winter On-street Parking 

There is no overnight parking on any public street in Kennebunk from the first day of November to the first day of the following April between the hours of 1:00 A.M. and 5:00 A.M, or such other hours as may be determined by order of the Board of Selectmen with public notice given of such change.  View Parking Related to Winter and Snow Plowing/Removal 

Parking Bans

During a storm it may be necessary to issue a parking ban to allow crews to plow certain areas. The Town will do its best to notify residents by way of local radio and television stations, or you may sign up to be notified by email or text when a parking ban is issued. During a parking ban there will be no parking on any street until the ban has been lifted. 

Preparing for a Storm

The town has the capacity to store 300 tons of salt under cover and 5,000 yards of sand. The salt stockpile is replenished as needed and the sand is adequate for the entire winter season.

Plowing Priorities

Top priority is given to the town’s main roads. These are the roads that have the most traffic year round. These roads are usually the main roads running north / south and east / west. The town begins salt & sand operations when snow, sleet or freezing rain begins to fall.

During The Storm

Once two inches of snow has fallen and more is expected, the town moves into a plowing operation. Again, the first responsibility lies with the main roads in town. These roads are vital to maintaining traffic flow for residential traffic and emergency vehicles. As the storm continues, the town begins to open up side streets and developments in sequence. We will continue with this procedure for the duration of the storm. Once the storm has abated, the town must begin to widen out all roads by pushing the snow back to the curb line and clearing intersections.

Plowing Crews

Our crews are well trained and will remain on the job for the duration of a storm. Crews will continue to monitor all roads for icy spots and areas where winds blow across fields and open areas across a roadway. In most instances sand is applied to intersections, hills and curves to assure that riding surfaces and braking areas remain drivable.

Objects in the Town Right Of Way

Our drivers will use every precaution to prevent hitting objects in the right of way, however, experience shows that with reduced visibility during a storm, it is not always possible to see objects in time to avoid hitting them with a side plow wing. With large snowfall amounts, the weight of the snow being pushed is enough to displace mailboxes or objects.

Please be aware that any objects placed in the town right of way are placed there at the owner’s risk. The Town of Kennebunk does not assume any responsibility for the replacing of mailboxes, posts or any other item that is within the town’s right of way.


The town will clear the main sidewalks once a storm has ended and all roads are clear. Sidewalks will be done much in the same way as roads. Sidewalks in school areas will be done first. From here crews will proceed systematically to include sidewalks in the downtown business area. It is possible that not all sidewalks will be completed each storm.

Snow Removal

If a storm drops more than 6 inches of snow, snow removal in the downtown area will be done. The town hires a private contractor for snow removal. This will take place during the overnight hours following the storm to minimize any traffic and/or business disruption. The town will also send crews to clear snow and ice from catch basins to ensure that melting snow will have a place to run off.

Residential Winter Sand Pile

Kennebunk Public Works has an area designated at the front gate with a winter sand mix, sand mixed with salt, available for residents to take a 5 gallon bucket per storm. For more information, please contact the department at (207) 985-4811 from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Helpful Hints

We know that winter weather can make us all a bit stir crazy. Please remember that snowstorm operations take time. Our crews do the best they possibly can to safely and quickly clear the roads.
  • When shoveling or plowing the mouth of your driveway, please push all snow to the down or right side of your driveway this will help minimize the amount of snow that will ultimately be pushed back into your driveway during the widening out phase of operations.
  • Do not shovel, snowblow or have your driveway plowed into or across the road. This is prohibited by law and can cause a serious traffic hazard as well as a fine of anywhere from $25 - $500. Title 29-A M.R.S.A. §2396 (4)
  • Please note that there is no personnel available to answer your calls outside of official business hours. If you do need to call the Public Works Department after hours about a legitimate hazard, please do so and leave a message or in the event of an emergency please call Kennebunk Police Department at (207) 985-6121. We will get to your concern as soon as we possibly can. Please be patient, repeatedly calling the department will not get the crews there any faster.
  • Please watch for parking ban announcements. Removing your car from the road at the start of a storm will assure that your road can be cleared and your vehicle will not be towed.
  • Place objects such as trash, recycling, mailboxes, and newspaper boxes at the maximum usage distance from the pavement or right of way to minimize the risk of being hit by the plow wing.