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Information Request- Code Enforcement

  1. Please complete the form below with as much information as possible. 

    Research conducted by this office is a free service. Responses from Town staff are based on a review of locally available files and records and are not a substitute for a legal review or opinion. 

    Based on the complexity of the request, time, and office priorities, research may take up to 10 business days. A Code Officer will contact you with a response as soon as possible. All research is taken in order of when received and availability.

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  5. Other ways to find information:

    To determine your Zoning District, visit Search for your property and select the result. 

    Select the "Layers" tab at the top of the of the Search box. Turn on the Zoning Layer by clicking the box and the "plus" sign to expand the layers. 

    Zoom out on the map to match the color of the zone with the Zoning Layers legend or to view the Zoning designation*. 

    Information for all Zoning Districts can be found here. View permitted uses, special exceptions and setback requirements for property located in each zone.

    View Town Ordinances here (PDF) (re: parking, public conduct, solid waste, noise control, fireworks, victualer and lodging licenses, special amusement permitting, etc.).

    *Your property may be subject to the Historic Preservation, Resource Protection or Shoreland Overlay Districts.

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