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On-Line Map / Lot and Street Address Request Form


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  • Step One

    1. Town of Kennebunk
    2. Town of Kennebunk
    3. Map / Lot and Street Address Request Form
    4. Map / Lot and Street Address request: Required Information
    5. A Plan showing the property boundaries of the parent lot, all split lots, and the location of any easements or rights of way.
      (survey plans are preferable but a "to scale" sketch with dimensions is acceptable.)
    6. Street Address Request: required Information:
    7. The location of proposed buildings and driveways for the property.
      (Note: if the "driveway" will service more than one property, or has additional development potential, it will need to be made into a private way (see Street Name Request Form)
    8. Approval Time
      Map / Lot assignment requests are processed in the order they are recieved and usually can be done the same day if all the required information is submitted.)
    9. Applicant Information:
    10. Last, First, Initial