Public Services Facility Expansion

The Town of Kennebunk Public Services Facility located at 36 Sea Road in Kennebunk has been slated for expansion with the goal of improving the Public Services facility to support the current and future needs of the Town. The Facility Expansion and Site Masterplan addresses multiple issues so that employees may continue to safely and efficiently conduct the services that residents depend on every day.

In 2017, funding was approved by voters for improvements to the Public Services facility located at 36 Sea Road. The primary focus was on improved access to the site, traffic flow, and renovations to the Public Services garage, administrative space, and a vehicle wash bay. Additional, necessary improvements were identified and reviewed by a team led by Sebago Technics. 

In September of 2019 the project team of Sebago Technics, Inc., Grant Hays Associates, and Allied Engineering, Inc. was selected.

Issues identified by the project team include:

  • Outgrown existing building.
  • Limited ventilation and mechanical systems (no crane, sewer, washbay, e.g.).
  • Code compliance issues.
  • Site in poor condition with no separation between Transfer Station and Public Works.
  • Inefficient space and site utilization due to lack of building/equipment storage and parking.
  • One point of access to the site for the public, operations and Transfer Station.

The proposed plan includes a new Fleet Maintenance and Administration building that will address issues with the overcrowded facility. The Department of Public Services has outgrown the current facility and there is no room for organized storage. The plan will allow for more storage and maintenance bays, eliminate overcrowding and provide a safe, modern, facility that meets today's codes. 

The Public Services Garage currently services over 85 vehicles out of two garage bays. These vehicles are used by and relied upon by Police and Fire-Rescue, Public Services, Parks & Recreation, and Codes & Assessing to conduct the daily operations that the Town provides to the community.

The proposed plan includes the following:

New Fleet Maintenance Building 90’x180’ (16,200 s.f.)

•Wash Bay
•(5) Work Bays
•Carpentry/Sign Shop
•Lockers, Showers
•Combined Break & Training Room
•Offices and Public Entrance
•Bulk Fluids
•Overhead Crane
•Compressor Room

New Cold Storage Building

40’x160’ (4,800 s.f.) for Equipment Storage to include Vac Trailer, Harbor Master Zodiac, Work Boat, Hot Box, Zamboni, Chipper, Sweeper, Kubota, Pavement Roller, Sidewalk Tractors and Mowers.

Repurpose Existing Fleet Garage (160’ x 80’) for Under Cover Equipment Parking to include:

•11 Dump Trucks
•(4) 1-Ton Trucks
•(2) Front End Loaders
•(1) Backhoe
•(1) Skid steer

Costs & Budgeting

Site: $2.683m
Buildings: $7.24m
Permitting & Wetlands: $.137m
Contingencies: $1.467m
Solar Allowance: $.17m
General Conditions & Design, Misc. $1.48m


  • Code compliant and safe working environment for Town employees
  • Protect the Town's multi-million dollar investment in vehicles and equipment
  • Reduce vehicle maintenance costs
  • Extend equipment life expectancy
  • More efficient workspace 
  • Eliminates the need to invest in the existing substandard facility 
  • Improved site access
  • Improved traffic flow
  • Improved administrative space

View the Public Services Facility Expansion & Site Masterplan presentation from September 1, 2021.

Public Services Administration and Fleet Maintenance

Revised concept rendering Public Works Facility  Opens in new window


  • In 2017, funding in the amount of $2.7 million was approved by voters for improvements to the Public Services facility located at 36 Sea Road. 
  • In August 2019 an RFQ was issued for the redesign of the garage.
  • in September of 2019, the team of Sebago Technics, Grant Hays Associates, Allied Engineering was selected for the project.
  • The site presented design challenges due to the location of the existing building, the location of the transfer station and potential environmental impacts. The design team sought guidance from the Town of Kennebunk as to how to consider the Transfer Station in the various design options as the presence of the Transfer Station on the site influences many of the scenarios.
  • June 2020 the Select Board held a workshop to discuss challenges and environmental impacts.
  • January 2021 A Transfer Station Task Force was created to evaluate the impacts of the Transfer Station and how it relates to the design of the proposed improvements to the Public Services garage. 
  • May 2021- Findings of the Transfer Station Task Force were presented to the Select Board. The decision was made to keep the Transfer Station viable at 36 Sea Road.