Marriage Certificates

When & where do I apply for a marriage license? 

  • Maine residents must apply in the town where they reside. Couples who maintain separate Maine residences can choose which Town they want to apply in.  
  • If one of the parties is a Maine resident and the other resides out of state, the paperwork is filed in the Maine resident's Town.
  • Out of state residents may apply in any municipal office in any town.
  • The Marriage License is valid for 90 days from the date the Marriage Intentions are filed and is valid anywhere within the State of Maine.
  • We can process the paperwork with you at the office Monday - Friday 8AM - 3PM.

How do I apply for a Marriage License?

  1. Intentions of Marriage - The parties must complete the Intention of Marriage Form (PDF) no more than 90 days prior to the ceremony. The Intention of Marriage application is a legal document. You are responsible and liable for providing the information and documentation required. The paperwork must be completed in BLACK INK ONLY. Forms completed in any other color will not be accepted for filing.  The second page of the Intentions Form includes a signed certification that the information provided is correct and that the applicant is free to marry according to the laws of this State. Your signatures must be witnessed by the Clerk's Office Staff or by a Notary who will then officially Notarize the document (if submitting the application by mail). 
  2. Previous Marriage(s) - If either party has been previously married, a certified copy of the death certificate or divorce decree of the last marriage must be submitted to the Town Clerk at the time of filing of the Marriage Intentions. Certified means that the documents are affixed with a raised or gold seal and/or contain original signatures. A record of divorce, if not in English, must be translated into English by a disinterested 3rd person at the parties' expense.
  3. Filing Fee - The filing fee is $40.00 for the Marriage License. Cash, checks and credit/debit cards (additional fees apply) are accepted forms of payment. 
  4. Completion of Paperwork - Within 7 days following the ceremony, the Officiate must return the completed (signed) Marriage License to the Clerk's Office to be filed. You can then request (PDF) Certified Marriage Certificates for a fee of $15 for the first and $6 for each additional copy when purchased at the same time once the completed license has been filed.