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Sep 20

Are You Feeling Lucky?

Posted to Community Market of the Kennebunks by Karen Winton

At the September 8th  Community Market, the opening song from the musical Oklahoma - "Oh What a Day"  echoed  at the Waterhouse Center. So what did we hear echoing at the September 15 market?  Well, it sounded like the theme song from the TV show Happy Days! Mr. CMOK thinks it went like this:

Sunday, Monday, Happy Days.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days.

Thursday, Friday, Happy Days.

Saturday, Community Market Happy Day!

Shoppers at the Market

And what a Happy Day it was! Great weather, live music provided both by Banjo Bob and our own Deirdre Robinson, and coffee. Oh Happy Day! Did I mention all the quality items our Maine based artisans make available? Oh Happy, Happy Day!

We have been featuring 1-2 vendors each week on the Market Blog but for this week, we'd like to share some exciting news about our raffle. Each week, two vendors donate an item for that day's raffle and when someone purchases an item from one of our vendors, they are provided with a raffle ticket.

Maine-produced products featured at the Community Market
Beginning Saturday the 15th, we expanded the opportunity to win one of the raffle prizes via a FREE raffle ticket. To obtain one of these FREE raffle tickets, all one has to do is complete a market Feedback form and hand it to any one of our vendors. We plan to continue this expanded raffle opportunity each Saturday through the last market event on October 6th.

As always, looking forward to seeing everyone at the market. Don't forget about the expanded raffle ticket opportunity.

Best Regards,

Mr. and Mrs. CMOK

Mr and Mrs CMOK: Community Market Mascots

Sep 21

Summer Street Rehabilitation Project - WIN 21928.05 - September Update

Posted to In the Know: Featuring Town Projects and Initiatives of Note by Christopher Osterrieder

Much of the design work of the project was completed in July of 2018.  Plans were posted for public review and comment in early August and utility coordination has been undertaken.  Utility coordination primarily involves relocation of overhead utilities.  Key milestones looking ahead include:

  • Placement of new utility poles (late September 2018 - mid November 2018) - Kennebunk Light & Power
  • Transfer of overhead utilities to new poles (October 2018 - April 2019) - Kennebunk Light & Power; Consolidated Communications; Spectrum (Cable)
  • Drainage work (Late October - March 2019) - work is likely to extend into winter - BREX Corp.
  • Roadway Rehabilitation April 2019 - June 2019
    • Pavement Reclamation
    • fine grading of new roadway profile
    • placement of binder pavement
    • granite curb installation
    • sidewalk construction
    • surface pavement
    • signage installation
    • loam, seed & mulch
    • project striping
Any questions related to the project may be directed to the Town Engineer Chris Osterrieder.
Mar 06

Sharing Instagram post: OUCH

Posted to Mike's Mic by Michael Pardue

sea wall and sidewalk damage

OUCH. This photo falls very short at depicting the degree of damage the last several high tides have generated at Kennebunk beaches. Kudos to Public Services and Public Safety personnel for keeping the area clear of debris and therefore as safe as it can be given the loss of portions of the sea wall and adjacent sidewalks. Huge amount of work and expense lies ahead but we are already “on it.” Please be careful if you are taking a peek, as structural integrity assessment of wall, sidewalk and roadway remains a work in progress.

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