Notary & Dedimus Justice Services

The Town Clerk's Office offers both Notary Public and Dedimus Justice services during regular business hours. 

Notary Public Services

There is no fee for up to 3 notarization signatures, but additional signatures require a $5 fee per notarization.

Prior to coming in for notary services, we request that you review your documents carefully and complete any necessary fields, other than signatures; you must wait to sign the document until you are in the presence of the Notary Public. We will ask for a photo ID as proof of your identity.

If your document requires witness signatures in addition to notarization, please plan to bring the required amount of witnesses with you to the office. Witnesses for legal documents cannot be family members. 

If your document requires multiple notarizations, we may be unable to complete your request and would need to refer you to another Notary Public as needed. 

Dedimus Justice Services

There is only one Dedimus Justice in the Town Clerk's Office. If you need Dedimus Justice services, it is best to call ahead to determine availability.